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Recent article in number 22 of Ankulegi, the anthropology journal of the University of the Basque Country (UPV). The article is entitled: “Txalaparta and National Construction: Constructing Music” (in Spanish).

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the process of revival and construction of Txalaparta, a sound tradition and instrument original from the Basque Country. From the Txalaparta which is rediscovered in the 1960s, a stream emerges among many, a continued project of musical construction. Departing from the broad spectrum aproach to performance pionereed by Schechner, in which words and actions are considered performative, that is, displayed to be witnessed and to change/construct reality at the same time, an interpretation will be offered about those discourses and actions which are movilised by means of Txalaparta by a nation that seeks to belong (be recognised) with the full presence of a nation-state.

May 9th, Iruña-Pamplona, Basque Country:

Talk in Spanish entitled “Txalaparta. A Universe” about my doctoral thesis research. Iruña-Pamplona, 9 of May. Place: Civivox Jus La Rocha, Paseo de los Enamorados 37, planta baja. Pamplona. An article was published on the back cover of Berria newspaper at

A especialised audience of 20 people attended. The talk, which included a discussion with participants at the end, lasted 2 hours and a half, and so passionate were we about the subject that we left only because they had to close the centre.

Note: as grateful as I am for this article, I must say I do not claim Txalaparta to be a social movement (I only speak of a social phenomenon).
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