Remake of Tubular Bells

BBC2 NI news excerpt from the programme ‘First Stop’ about the Remake of Tubular Bells by Tom Newman (original producer) and Tommy Sands. The news programme, which featured participating Txalaparta group Jo Tta Kun, was broadcast on the 3rd of March 2004.
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The participation of Jo Tta Kun in the remake* of Tubular Bells stemmed from the seminar-concert entitled “Music, Politics and Identity. Exploring Paths to Peace / An Ceol, an Pholaitiocht agus an Fheiniulacht: Fionnadh Conair na Siochana / Musika, Politika eta Identitatea: Bake Bide Bila” which I organised at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick (Ireland) in February 2004. Invited speakers/performers were Rev. Canon Gary Hastings and singer and song writer Tommy Sands, as well as Kaiet Ezkerro and Mikel H. Urrutia from the Basque band Jo Tta Kun (I also delivered a paper about my research). Tomy Sands was enchanted by the nature of Txalaparta, which in its traditional form (Txalaparta Zaharra) enacts a transition from disorder (the challenge / conflict between both players, Txakun and Herren) into a new order (were both players perform the ttakun beat, finishing with tturrukutun, as one). Seeing the potential of the instrument as a sound icon for reconciliation, as he mentioned to me, he invited us to meet him and Tom Newman a few days later in Armagh to be recorded.

*In the end this remake, as it was conceived and recorded by Tom Newman and Tommy Sands together, was stopped and hasn’t been released.

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