Publications and Other Activities


2018 “Txalaparta y construcción nacional: construyendo música” Ankulegi 22. Pp. 43-58. Available at

2006 “Music, Politics and Identity. Exploring Paths to Peace,” in Shared Musics and Minority Identities. Papers from the Third Meeting of the ‘Music and Minorities’ Study Group of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Eds Naila Ceribašić & Erica Haskell. Zagreb: Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. Pp. 289-301.

2004 “La Txalaparta a través del tiempo. Un análisis etnomusicológico” (Translation: “Txalaparta Through The Ages. An Ethnomusicological Analysis.”) Sukil IV. Pp. 113:26. Iruñea (Pamplona): Ortzadar. November 2004.

2003 “How the Basque instrument Txalaparta was rediscovered,” in The Past In The Present. Vol. 1, 603:15. Budapest: Liszt Ferenc Music Academy.

2000 “Txalaparta and Identity”, published by the Anthropology Association of Ireland in their Newsletter, February 2000.

1998 “Antropología del Fútbol: Ensayo acerca de la naturaleza social del fútbol a partir del análisis realizado por Pierre Clastres de la guerra en las sociedades primitivas sin Estado” (Translation: “Anthropology of Football: Essay on the Social Nature of Football. Conclusions Drown Upon Pierre Clastres’ Analysis of War in Stateless Primitive Societies.”) Antropológicas, especial edition published by CEEA (Centre of Applied Anthropology Studies,) pp. 47-50. Universidade Fernando Pessoa. Portugal.

Collaborations related to Txalaparta:

2006 I feature in the credits of the documentary Txalaparta. El Eco de un pueblo (“Txalaparta. The Echo of a People”) produced by Oskar Tejedor (Dibulitoon) for my participation in the consultation process for the realization of the script.

2004 Participation in the Remake of Tubular Bells by Tom Newman (original producer) and Tommy Sands, within their project ‘Pirates for Peace’, with the Basque Txalaparta group Jo Tta Kun. February, Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Organization of events related to Txalaparta:

2003 & 2004 Organisation of two summer tours of Ireland for the Basque Txalaparta Group Jo Tta Kun with concerts at different venues and media coverage: BBC1 NI radio programmes during 2004’s summer tour in Belfast: ‘Artsextra’ on the 27th of July and ‘Folk Club’ on the 31st of July; and Derry (‘The Mark Patterson Show’) on the 5th of August. See Fieldwork excerpt: Navigating Peace 2003

2004 (February): Organisation of the seminar-concert entitled “Music, Politics and Identity. Exploring Paths to Peace / An Ceol, an Pholaitiocht agus an Fheiniulacht: Fionnadh Conair na Siochana / Musika, Politika eta Identitatea: Bake Bide Bila”. Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. Ireland.

Invited speakers/performers were Rev. Canon Gary Hastings and singer and song writer Tommy Sands, aswell as Kaiet Ezkerro and Mikel H. Urrutia (from the Basque band Jo Tta Kun); I was also a speaker at this seminar. I was able to secure funding for the seminar from Aonad na Gaeilge and the Irish Peace Society. As a direct consequence of this seminar, the Basque Band Jo Tta Kun was invited to participate in the aforementioned remake of Tubular Bells and was recorded for that purpose by Tom Newman and Tommy Sands. The Basque musicians featured in the TV programme ‘First Stop’, BBC 2 NI, on the 3rd of March 2004. I was interviewed in conjunction with a performance by the Txalaparta group for Tommy Sands’ programme ‘Belfast Downtown Radio’.

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